Inspirallumination Magazine is so much more to us than a simple collection of articles and advertisements.  It is an extension of our soul’s journey.  A journey that we share with you.

We strive to provide you with an energetic  and transformational experience each and every month.;  to weave the spirit of Universal Love as a common thread through every offering.

This is not a magazine, it is energy downloaded directly from the Universe,  put on a platform that you can physically touch as well as absorb into your very being.  It is a shared experience that transcends space and time.

We are guided by Spirit and very much honor the co-creative process with each issue.  Because of that, we do not have a collection of articles sitting around waiting to be put into this format.  Instead, we allow  our journey to unfold and share with you what feels most authentic  and transparent to us in the present moment.
We have no editorial calendar,  each month’s theme  is based upon our life’s journey at the time of publishing.  Our articles are unique and uniquely presented as we weave an energetic  thread  throughout every page to complete a transformational vignette.

And though that may be quite different than other publishers, we feel  it is profoundly important to share this energy, this love and the messages of Spirit in this way as we work to elevate the energies of the Earth.

The joy of co-creation and the difficulty at the same time is that Spirit doesn’t always work on our timeline. Perhaps you’ve had the same experience?  Ever wanted something to happen in a certain way or at a certain time… only to realize that Divine timing is not within your control ;)?

Which means that we are thrilled to release each issue when it is energetically whole… in Divine timing… which is certainly not the same month to month.  We hope you’ll enjoy the  flow of Divine creation with us when the  Divine is ready.

Sending you a tsunami of light, love, abundance, health & joy,

Loreen & Jerry

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