About Inspirallumination MagazineInspirallumination Magazine Issue 01Welcome to Inspirallumination Magazine! A magazine with inspiration, tools and resources to help you honor your spiritual journey, create a deeper connection with the Universe and light the way for you to prosper in magical ways. What is Inspirallumination?:

  • Inspire – to breathe life into (your passion, purpose & life adventure)
  • Spiral – to evolve & expand your being in accordance with Sacred Geometry (a spiral!) with each revolution of your evolution experiencing life with a new perspective
  • Illumination – to shed light on, become the beacon

A spirituality magazine dedicated to making it easier to thrive as an infinite being of light having a human experience. Whether you’ve just begun your journey to self or you’ve realized that you are a beacon lighting the way for others; we’ve created this space to help you honor your spiritual journey, create a deeper connection with the Universe and prosper in magical ways.

Enjoy an interactive, approachable experience – as we share insightful, joyful conversations; tips, tools and perspectives to empower, inspire and uplift you. Simple, real-world wisdom you can use immediately.

If you are searching for ways to:  create inner peace… expand and deepen your awareness… experience more happiness and abundance…

Curious about: finding your passion and purpose… the importance of your heroic journey… taking a quantum leap in your evolution…

Interested in exploring: … your inner world… the law of attraction… tools for harnessing your Divine creative energy…

This is caffeine for your soul! For less than the cost of one of those grande sugar-bombs, you could be raising your consciousness, elevating your vibration and enjoying an interactive, uplifting experience delivered right to your fingertips!

Go ahead… Get inspired, Expand your being & Shine your light. Live your life more profoundly, join in the conversation and make an impact as you elevate the energies of the Universe.

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Take a Sneak Peek Now At What You’ll Find Within
MIND Expansion

Mind Expansion Section

The Inspirallumination Mind Expansion Experience

Mind – “the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.” -Google Search Definition Card

You have an incredibly powerful tool there… why not harness it and use it to consciously create the experiences of your dreams?
Within the mind section of the magazine and website you’ll find wonderful insightful articles & tidbits to elevate your awareness of your world and heighten your conscious experiences.
Here you’ll find:
  • thought provoking experiences that encourage you to go within and question what it is you are conscious of and what remains to be brought to the surface
  • afformations to harness and shift your energy to resonate in harmony with that which you desire
  • quotes that inspire, provoke thought, or just stop you in your tracks… changing your life in an instant
  • insights, guidance and expert advice, tips & tools to help you harness your super power, release limiting beliefs and manifest your dreams
  • accounts of heroic journeys – from the thrill of the adventure to slaying the dragon and the messy challenges along the way
  • conversations about the universal truths  – science or spirit? physics or philosophy?
SPIRIT Evolution

 Spirit Evolution Section

The Inspirallumination Spirit Evolution Experience

Spirit – “the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy, and power”  Source: www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/spirit

The very essence of your being, your purpose for this human experience.  You are an infinite being of light, evolving and experiencing the human realm.  And sometimes our human experience plays tricks on the mind and ego that prevent us from playing full out in this life.  At the core of Inspirallumination is your spirit. You are here to inspire, spiral up and illuminate your very being. Within the Spirit section of the magazine and website you’ll find insights and adventures to ignite your light! Joyful, inspiring conversations that will turn you inside out and have you radiating your infinite light. Here you’ll find:

  •  the exploration of Divineology – from great thought leaders, new and ancient.  Study the beautiful mysteries of the universe and it’s unique creative powers
  • the secrets of expanding your being through connection to your higher self
  • powerful transformation techniques and strategies to help you harness your creative energy to create the life you truly desire
  • thought provoking perspectives that will challenge you to expand and heighten your perceptions and invite new possibilities
  • beautiful meditations & reflection moments to help you create inner peace for your heroic journey.
  • formulas to discover your purpose, lead with your passion and allow your prosperity to follow!
HEART Warming

HeartWarmingSectionHeaderThe Inspirallumination Heart Warming Experience

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

I have often thought that the book title “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is misleading.  While we most certainly can harness our mind and power to think to work for us… it is not ultimately what will manifest our prosperity.  How about instead Feel and Grow Rich? For it is through being in resonance with energy that we draw it to us or repel it from us.  And that resonance is FELT through our emotions and centered in our hearts – it is not something we plan, or think into being… it is something we simply BE. In the heart warming section you’ll find:

  • experiences to help you get connected with your emotions, your life source, your love
  • stories and conversations that will warm your heart, expand your capacity to feel love and help you tap into the magnificence of the Universal oneness
  • reflections to highlight all that you have to be grateful for in this life
  • techniques & tips to express and practice self-love as you inspiralluminate and expand your being in your spiritual awakening
  • tidbits, advice and guidance to help you “get your Namaste on”

Culture Shift

The Inspirallumination Culture Shift Experience

We are in the midst of the most wonderful paradigm shift and awakening energy that the world has ever seen. Now, more than ever light beings are revealing their purpose and passion through their voices and inspiring others to be and do the same.  Together we are elevating the energy of the entire Universe and taking it to a new dimension of being. Experience this shift through the eyes, hearts and voices of your peers.  Beings past, present and emerging who have challenged us, inspired us, enlightened us through their creative expression.

In this section you’ll experience:

  • art and artists that move you though imagery, take your breath away and return it fuller with the stroke of a brush or the tap of a shutter
  • movies that resonate to your very core and instill the faith and belief that you too can be, do and have all that is your divine birthright, perhaps even challenge you to expand beyond what you ever believed you could
  • music that invites harmonic rhythm and connects you to the humm & Om of the earth, perhaps even snaps you out of the hypnotic rhythm
  • books that have opened new doors to uncharted worlds, from authors who have shared their voices in profound ways.
  • events and groups contributing to this shift in miraculous ways
NEW AGE Awakening

New Age Awakening

The Inspirallumination New Age Awakening Experience

New Age – a broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism. – Google Dictionary Card

If you are here and reading this now you most certainly share our enthusiasm for the creation of a new era, one that is united by harmony and enlightenment, awareness and awakening, love and compassion. This is a time of personal and social transformation, that feels at times chaotic like a tornado and yet leaves us changed upon landing with a higher and wider perspective and many times with new questions, curiosity and an appreciation for life.

In the times of chaos you may search for answers, support, encouragement, beings and tools that enhance and nourish your expanding light. Ever wonder what the angels would say if you could ask them? Wonder what direction to take or who to ask for a little guidance?  Or ask if there’s somthing wonky in the stars or with the planetary alignment?

Within the New Age Awakening section of Inspirallumination you’ll find some wonderous, uplifting and joyful resources.

  • astrological insights from beautiful luminaries to help provide clarity and give you guidance
  • tarot card news, insights and reviews. Learn how tarot can help guide you from making life decisions to writing inspiring stories.
  • insights into angel numbers and how the angels communicate with you and help support your life path and evolution
  • tidbits of Eastern philosophy to nourish your body and soul
Our Mission

Our Mission to Inspire

Our mission is to provide you with experiences that inspire, enrich and illuminate your very being.

We recognize that you are an infinite being of light having a human experience and that can be challenging. We would like to help you thrive:

  • Give you opportunities to EXPLORE and harness the powerful tool you have that is your mind.  While gently speaking with your Ego to ensure it supports you rather than stalls your progress.
  • Empower you to HONOR your incredible spiritual and heroic journey.  Discover your purpose and passion in life and illuminate your light and voice as you share your gifts with the world and draw in the life you desire.
  • Inspire you to CREATE a deeper connection with the Universe and your inner being. Elevate your energies to be in resonance with your deepest desires and manifest a harmonious, joyful, fulfilling and prosperous life.
  • Challenge you to EXPAND your perspective, explore new possibilities and see the Universe in a new light. Discover new happiness
  • Invite  you to DISCOVER new divine creators and creations that will inspire you in beautiful ways. Experience the harmonic rhythm of life as it expresses through art, culture and music.
  • Guide you to EMBRACE your own Divine gifts. Find the tools, strategies and inspiration you desire to unwrap your superpowers and release them to the world with confidence and grace.
  • Encourage you to IMPACT this world with your light and raise the global well being by simply being YOU.
  • Ask you to JOIN in the conversation, create or hold the space for another to express.

Let’s inspiralluminate together.


Wishing you a joyful, abundant life adventure!

Namaste, Loreen & Jerry