Jerry_and_Loreen_MuzikWelcome! We’re JerryLoreen Muzik, Publishers of Inspirallumination Magazine.

We share our voices to inspire and empower and create the space for others to do the same.

We’re so glad that the Universe has brought us together. We believe it is because the Universe always conspires to support us in achieving our dreams.

A couple of years ago we experienced a tornado of chaos in our lives that left us with a home in foreclosure, no source of income, no savings, one of us recovering from a life- threatening addiction to cocaine, unsure of our future and NO DESIRE to return to our “old life” enslaved by societies norms…

 We decided to take a HUGE leap of faith…

To rebuild our lives authentically and transparently from a place of love and compassion. Doing and being ONLY that which we are passionate about without fear about HOW it would create income for us or what it would “look like” to others.

   Does that resonate with you?  If so, we were definitely meant to connect!

Because we’re now enjoying this spiritual journey as it unfolds and lighting a way as we passion-it-forward… doing and being what we LOVE.

Inspirallumination Magazine  is a space that we have created for you to be inspired, empowered and illuminated by voices of like-hearted spiritual beings. Peek into our experiences as well as the experiences of others; find the voices that resonate with you, validate your heroic journey, challenge yourself to expand your experience and perspective and perhaps be inspired to share your voice as well.

We have come to find… the best part of this adventure for us has been the freedom, joy, inner peace and love that comes from being who we are meant to be. No masks. When we are authentic and willing to be transparent, our light shines brightly like a beacon in the storm, guiding others.

Using that natural energy and elevating our vibration… makes our beacon visible to those who are ready for it or have been searching for it. Together we elevate the energies of the Universe and create the tipping point to shift into a brand new paradigm of awakening here on Earth.

This is the foundation of Inspirallumination. 

  • Inspire – to breathe life into (your passion, purpose & life adventure)
  • Spiral – to evolve & expand our beings in accordance with Sacred Geometry (a spiral!)
  • Illumination – to shed light on, become the beacon

We believe you are a Creator. An integral part of this beautiful awakening. An inspired, energetic being with unique gifts that you desire to share. And we’re here to tell you that you CAN DO IT, you are more than enough and like-hearted beings NEED for you to be the beacon of light for them.

In fact, we’d say that if you’re still searching for “your soul’s purpose” you can STOP… because YOU are it!

No tricks or gimmicks or “marketing magic” – ignite your light, discover your passion and share your voice… prosperity is the ship that is drawn in.

WE take ourselves/our essence into our business and this is a result of our adventure so far. It’s what we had hoped to find when we first started searching for inspiration and like-hearted lights for our journey. And now, we are so grateful to passion-it-forward for YOU.

Inspirallumination Magazine is an experience, an adventure on it’s own. 

Pieces of heroic journeys that have inspired us, challenged us and expanded us in ways we never expected to find. It is our living breathing “journal” of things that ignite our light!

  • It’s a resource for inspired, energized spirits allowing their adventure to unfold before them… even when it requires leaps of faith!
  • For the light beings who want to help elevate our collective conscious, enlightenment and prosperity and transform global lives in positive ways;
  • ordinary people who are willing to embrace their extraordinary gifts, own their voice and create their present.

Not just a collection of words, pictures, video and audio but an experience, a conversation, a real connection with authentic, like-hearted beings… who have been there, done that and are willing to share their challenges and gifts with you.

We are so excited for you to join us on this abundant and joyful journey.


Loreen & Jerry

Loreen and Jerry Muzik