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What has the life, light and death of Philip Seymour Hoffman brought up for you?

I’ve seen many threads about addiction, notes to “avoid” it and even some about how an actors life is less important than another because of his craft versus the perceived contributions of another.

And it begged the question to me… what do I see in my reflection of PSH?

Then I found this beautiful quote from a former addict – “Addiction is not a moral failure”. Thank you for that… you expressed my sentiment so profoundly.

I would agree that substances are a poor choice for numbing the pain of life… but most people do not want to be addicted nor become addicted. I doubt very highly that Philip chose to be an addict. Who among us has not made a bad choice? Addiction is not limited to substances either… alcohol, sex, shopping, food, cutting, gambling, power, money, violence, silence… the list goes on. I believe that the conversation we should be creating the space for is… how to express our voices.. how to express & feel emotion… how to face the pain & darkness in our lives and overcome. How to hold the space for another in compassion & unconditional love.

His legacy is not (to me) about whether or not we “should do drugs or be addicts”. He is a reflection of each of us who see him. There is something in his heroic journey that resonates with us for a reason. For me… he is the reminder to continue to have the conversation… to create the compassionate space for lights to share their voice.

PSH was a beautiful, gifted light who shared his gift with us… we are fortunate to have shared this human experience with him. It is not ours to judge how he lived his life. Nor was it ours to experience his pain or darkness. Simply to embrace all beings as a part of this incredible journey & share love & light.

A fitting tribute to the 10th anniversary of facebook & the incredible space that social media has created for our connections. May the conversation continue and the space be created for love, understanding and compassion.

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