This month in the magazine: Break Free To BE… Outside The Illusionary Cage of our lives.  Break free of “norms”, “limiting beliefs”, “other’s expectations” and simply embrace and live fully your ultimate life purpose.


Each of us iInspirallumination Magazine No7 Break FREE to BEs born free and with the soul’s purpose of elevating the energies of this Earth with our unique gifts… at some point very early in our lives, we become like birds, held captive in the cages of our own mind, beliefs, expectations, etc. The door is open and always has been open for us to fly out but… our fears keep us caged. ..

This month we are focused on breaking free to BE.

That is; to be who we authentically are meant to be:

* outside the lies of our minds,

* without regard to the expectations of society, family or friends,

* fearlessly and transparently.

This month’s caffeine for your soul includes
*Which Is My Box? And Can I Live Outside of It
*Free From The Cage! How Did I Get Here?
*Outside The Lies Of The Mind
*How to Embrace Your Soul’s Purpose Message From Archangel Michael
*Musings of An Oracle
*Clear Your Solar Plexus Chakra with Carol Tuttle
*Stunning video meditation and more!

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Sending you a tsunami of love, light, abundance, health and happiness!

~ Loreen & Jerry Muzik




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