This month’s coffee for your soul is all about Awakening Your Consciousness and Outwitting the Devil check out our incredible feature articles:Features

The Devil Didn’t See This Coming!
An excerpt from “Outside The Lines” a novel by Jerry Muzik. “I didn’t consciously choose to be addicted to cocaine and I didn’t consciously choose to be outwitted by the Devil, it wasn’t part of my plan.”

Outwit The Devil in 3 Simple Steps
An intimate, funny conversation between Pam Sylvan and Loreen Muzik of Inside Out Talk.
Some people have outwitted the devil, but how? Listen in as we breakthrough the “hypnotic rhythm”, to connect within and grow beyond.

The 10 Spiritual Truths We Weren’t Taught in School
What would our world be like today if these top 10 spiritual truths were taught in our schools, in the mainstream media, and in our history books?

The Essentials of Living Lightly
Not what we expected! Leo Babauta presents a surprisingly enlightening and helpful read if you’d like to release some of the weight of life.

Soul Astrology For Awakening Consciousness
Soul Whisperer, Louise Edington says You have a map of your evolutionary potential!Your soul chose this incarnation in order to learn some evolutionary lessons from past lives.

What Do The Angels Say?
I asked the Angels “What do we need to know about outwitting the devil?” Find out their message for us.

Breathe In Spirit With Insight Meditation
Insight meditation is like a medicine that helps people in dealing with negative situations. Learn this simple method you can take with you anywhere!

Who Wants To Get Unstuck?
Truly mindblowing video by Noah St. John. Learn how to reveal your authentic beliefs and how to shift into fastforward toward the life of your dreams.

Why not raise your consciousness, elevate your vibration, and enjoy the interactive uplifting experience?

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