This month’s coffee for your soul is all about resigning as Director of the Universe to manifest at the speed of light and includes:

Why Can’t I Trust The Universe With My 10 Dollars? An intimate, funny conversation between Pam Sylvan and Loreen Muzik of Inside Out Talk. Laugh through the realization that we talk a great game but in the end, simply can’t trust the Universe to do its job better than we can.

Control, Illusion or Reality? As the old saying goes, If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.  Feeling frustrated or agitated?  You may be under the illusion that you have control over the future.  Learn how to be the fish, he never has the illusion that he controls the sea.

Are You the Mob Boss of The Universe? How to manifest your heart’s desires without shaking down the universe like a mob boss. A kinder, gentler way to manifest.

What’s in the Stars for You? Such a discombobulating and chaotic time on our planet. Is this the tornado that lands us right on our yellow brick road to earn our ruby slippers and finally manifest peace on earth? Learn what you can do to release your fear around these global changes and take advantage of this transformational opportunity.

In Astrological News, Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014: The planets are aligning in a way they’ve not for centuries.  What does this mean for you and for the future of the earth? A fascinating video overview.

When Jupiter Returns: Life Not Happening As Planned? Check Your Cosmic Blueprint. Maybe the Universe has something better planned for you. The magnificent stars and planets create a map for us on the day we are born. Explore that map to find treasures to serve you on our journey. Find out what happens when Jupiter Returns for you.

A Message from Mike Dooley – You messin with the “cursed hows”?  I hope not 😉

Today I Allow The Universe To Support Me: Only have a moment to spare?  Then use this reflection to give yourself the gift of releasing your control over the Universe and manifesting miracles.

EXTRA Publisher’s Insights: Take a glimpse behind the curtain of our process, our journey as we share with you our thoughts on the feature articles this month.

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