How does Russell Brand make you feel?

Love him?

Hate him?

Ehhh – don’t see him in your experience?

I think that Russell is a gorgeous light, sharing his unique voice and I am so thrilled that he is!

Love him or hate him… the energy of either helps to elevate him, he’s either in your heart or in your mind. And I for one, think that’s what it takes to create and hold the space for global, controversial conversations like this one!

“within ourselves there’s a infinite capacity for connection to all things… daily access to unseen realms of power” ~ Russell Brand

Here in his controversial interview

Then… Some will discount him completely because of his relationship with drugs.

I for one am terribly tired of the disrespect, disdain and lack of empathy or compassion we have for people who have experienced addiction. I could go on and on on that subject but won’t – suffice it to say, I honor his journey and send him love & light. Ultimately, he is simply a reflection of each of us in some way.


Great interview about Russell’s willingness to share his unique, adrenalized voice, even as it relates to our global consciousness, big business, government and media! He’s most certainly far better than any Grande ceffeine bomb for a cultural wake up call! Enjoy!


Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself – how is he a reflection of you?

What do you see and feel when you watch, hear, experience Russell sharing his human experience?

Gotta say… I like many of the things I’m seeing in my reflection here.


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Living by the Ruby Slipper Principles - Click your heels, reveal your infinite power and live inside out. Inspire, expand, illuminate, passion-it-forward. Loreen Muzik, is a Lightworker, Creator and Publisher of Inspirallumination Magazine. She shares her voice to inspire and empower and create the space for others to do the same. I’m so glad that the Universe has brought us together. I believe it is because the Universe always conspires to support us in achieving our dreams. I’ve spent the better part of my life “seeking” my purpose and figuring out how exactly I am meant to prosper by being and doing something that I am passionate about. And found myself… lost between my love of all things spiritual, enlightening & self-growth related and what I thought I “had to do to” to earn a living online. All I wanted to find was someone who would confidently say… * it’s perfect to just be authentically YOU; * you are more than enough to attract prosperity & abundance into your life * you can use the Law of Attraction / energy as your marketing and… * “I’ll share with you HOW I am being that into my experience!” Does that resonate with you? If so, we were definitely meant to connect!

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