Welcome to the 11th issue of Inspirallumination Magazine!  Eleven, the number of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Inspirallumination Magazine Issue 1111 is a message from your angels to pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas as these are revealing the answers to your prayers” ~ Joanne Walmsley

Indeed a Divinely perfect number under which to release this issue.  This month we are exploring opening up Divine Conversations. Now more than ever, we need to connect, to communicate with the Divine, not just the energy we feel outside of us and in others but that which we are within as well. 

There is a great battle on Earth, forces pulling us further into separateness, away from our truth, from our Divinity.  I for one, will not go quietly into that darkness, I will go with my light shining, my truth resonating, my heart connected. 

This is the great Age of our Awakening, it won’t be easy, but we don’t have to do it alone. We’re asking for help not just from you, but from our guides, the angels and the whole of our Divine resources.

This battle is going to take every light shining.  Not easy but, worth giving the whole of our lives. For if we elevate the energies of the earth together we will bring peace and knowing, we will become that which we are meant to be – heroes, alchemized by our own magnificent journeys. Giving others permission to be and do the same.

No matter the method of your connection from automatic writing to walks in Nature, prayer to reflection, meditation to tarot… we hope that you will open up an energetic portal to have divine conversations.

Whatever it is that you desire for this life… the Universe conspires to assist and support you – will you accept the call?  Join us as co-creators, continue the conversation, the lines are open.

Sending you a tsunami of light, love, abundance, health & joy,

Loreen & Jerry




Inside this month’s issue of Inspirallumination Magazine

Not your average Joe, this month’s caffeine for your soul includes:

Receiving… the Breath of God
by Leo Babauta
A simple method to receive the breath of God – pure inspiration for enhanced creativity and being.

Open A Line With A Pencil And Notebook
by B.Devine
Dear Archangel Michael, what message do you have for me today? Find out when you open a line through free writing

Divine Conversations With The Tarot
by Loreen Muzik
Prayer doesn’t always produce immediate responses from the Divine. This method of connection does.

Your Divinity Is In The Mirror
by Anna Merkaba
Tap into universal knowledge and cleanse your soul with this…Watch as you are transformed before your own eyes.

Behind The Illusion of Divine Connection
by Jerry Muzik
As a former addict , I’m often asked things like, what was that one thing that helped me to connect and move forward?

Go Within To Create Without
by Michelle Walling
When you go within, you begin to crack the door open to higher consciousness and realize your multidimensional existence.

You Are Sacred Geometry in Divine Sequence
by MarciaAnn Leibrand
Sometimes it’s in the blink of an eye or a single sentence that things become abundantly clear to us.  You are sacred geometry expressed! All of your pieces in Divine relationship…

Plus A Heart Centered Connection Meditation With Christie Marie Sheldon
Feeling stressful? Things becoming quickly overwhelming? You need to connect to your heart. Let Christie help with this guided meditation.


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