Welcome to the 10th issue of Inspirallumination Magazine! 

The holidays are behind us, a new year has emerged so let’s go beyond the bows, the boxes, the wrapping and truly OPEN the most magnificent gift of the season… the gift of self.

Inspirallumination Magazine January 2015Many of us recognize that we are magnificent beings, light created in Divine reflection, infinite and powerful.  Yet how many of us have opened up truly to love & share our gifts with the world?

We treat ourselves more like the “shelf-help” book we bought at the store – inspired by our great potential, moved by our promise of possibilities, and yet  put back on the shelf as nothing more than a memory of what could become IF we actually engaged and took action on it.

We are the lovely soap, the expensive china, the glorious  piece of jewelry that we save for a special occasion. But, that special occasion either doesn’t arrive or when it does, we convince ourselves that it’s not special enough for “that gift” to be used.

So we keep ourselves all packaged up, beautiful bow still on top and we wait for just the right moment to shine. 

Can you imagine if we were Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz ,  Glinda presents us with the ruby slippers and we say “Oh how lovely!  I understand they have magic powers too!  I’d better put them in a shoe box for another time.”?  OUCH! We aren’t getting back to Kansas that way !

And our friends … won’t get the help they need either, tin man – no heart, scarecrow – no brain, lion – no courage, soldiers never freed from the bonds of the Wicked Witch.

Now take off those worn in ol’ shoes, grab your ruby slippers and come on out and inspiralluminate!  It is time to click your heels. 

Sending you a tsunami of light, love, abundance, health & joy,

Loreen & Jerry



Inside this month’s issue of Inspirallumination Magazine

Not your average Joe, this month’s caffeine for your soul includes:

* Receiving… the Gift of Self
I was at a place in my life where I was unable to accept myself, my flaws, my looks my masks, reality, all of it.

* The Joy & Freedom of Discovering ME
Do you know who you are? I have come to realize, that I may not even know who I reallyam and what I really want at all.

* What Happens When You Love Yourself?
Do you realize you have been programmed to accept an illusion of who you are? Learn howto break through to the TRUE you…

* Why not have fun with Your gift?
Didn’t enjoy the holidays? It does not matter for this is the last holiday season that will address 3D issues.

* Who, Why & How you Are Here
In the moment of time when you are feeling lost and bounded by this earth remember dearly beloveds that it was of your own accord that you have desired to step foot upon this planet.

* What Do The Angel’s & Oracles Say?
Synchronicities abound. Who have you met recently? Why were you meant to connect? What could become of your shared experience?

* Increase your abundance, peace & love through self-discovery
Only have a few moments? Why not give yourself the gift of consciously creating your day with a sense of peace with this reflection moment.

* What if Money Were No Object?
A stunning Seratonin Sunrise meditation track has you journey into the possibilities of what you truly desire.

* Conversation With The Divine
I pulled the Knight of Cups and immediately sensed that I am holding back/hesitating on moving forward with something that I deeply love and that is very important to me, have you ever met someone synchronistically and instantly felt it was Divine intervention, that you met for a higher purpose, a deep reason that would alter the course of your spiritual evolution?

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