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Welcome to the 8th issue of Inspirallumination Magazine!  8, the number of our personal power.  Also on its side, the symbol for infinity, the number of cause and effect, what you put out reflected back to you, as within so without.

Slide14So fitting because this month we are exploring  what it takes to step into our personal power and live life beyond the cage.  To release the comfort of one life to receive the gifts of another.

Before I dig deeper into this month’s issue, I want to share with you that although I didn’t intend for this to be nor would I have chosen it, this issue is dedicated in love, light and spirit to my cat Lilikoi, who unexpectedly passed without sign or warning, just a month shy of her 6th birthday.  I created the cover for this issue days before she passed, not knowing how profound or how deeply touched I would be by this cover when it was released. She is the inspiration for my article and my little spiritual muse.

Her passing a reminder that the lessons we learn in life can show up in mysterious ways, the synchronicities  and opportunities the same and yet we limit them when we choose to stay in the cage .  Locked by our illusions, expectations and fears.

When we step outside the cage we are faced with the cat who assures us that we are not powerful enough to live on our own, reminds us that we are living in her domain and that our escape will surely end in our death.

But what of death?  Isn’t it simply a  metaphorical end, an opening for a new beginning?  And is that not what we truly desire?  To end the life we’ve had in the cage, end the limitations and pursue a new experience.  Might I remind you that the process that gives life to the butterfly feels like death to the caterpillar.

Not a journey devoid of pain, grief and even fear.  A journey that requires faith and inner strength beyond any that this heroine wanted to have to call on.  And yet, we chose this human experience, this heroic journey as a platform for our spiritual evolution, because the infinite reward far outweighs the temporary pain & suffering.

Sending you a tsunami of light, love, abundance, health & joy,

Loreen & Jerry

Inside this month’s issue of Inspirallumination Magazine

This month’s caffeine for your soul includes:
*What Happens Beyond The Cage? I AM That Which I Fear
*The Root Of All Of Your Problems Is…
*Flying Free? Discover How To Shield Yourself With Angelic Protection
*Revealed – How to Ascend Beyond Fear
*Musings of An Oracle – Chaos in Order, Order in Chaos – 2 New Earths Emerge
*Release Your Intuition! Clear Your Third Eye Chakra with Carol Tuttle
*and more!

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