This month’s caffeine for your soul is about releasing your inner fire-breathing dragon to speak your voice freely and authentically.

Inspirallumination Magazine Release Your Inner DragonIn this issue you’ll find:

Release Your Inner Fire-Breathing Dragon 

by Loreen Muzik

I froze… in shock.  I allowed another to walk all over me, as I stood there, nearly speechless.  Feeling powerless to react.  Once I released my dragon that would NEVER…  Read More…

The Ultimate Guide To Dragon Energy Part 1

by BDevine

Once you begin to work with Dragon Energy, your life will never be the same again…this is powerful, and interestingly familiar to anyone who begins this journey.  

The Ultimate Guide To Dragon Energy Part 2

by BDevine

There are Dragons of every element & Every Direction. A Dragon that Governs every city, town and country… there’s even a Dragon Code.

How to Find Your Fire In Hard Conversations

An excerpt from “Outside The Lines” a novel, by Jerry Muzik

It’s hard to have others understand you or accept you when you don’t fully, openly and honestly express yourself. Some may not be ready or want to hear your truth, including yourself.

Release Your Trigger – Let Go & Heal

by Anna Merkaba

Feeling out of sorts? Energy swirling all around? I have tried absolutely everything under the sun, all sorts of therapies and remedies. NOTHING worked. Until, I asked my guides …

What Do The Angels Have To Say?
When I consulted the angel cards I asked “What do we need to know about releasing our inner fire-breathing dragons?“  What was returned to me was…

Meet Your Dragon

Video With Kayla Yetmen– Access your Dragon Guide, visit his forest and sit down for a brief chat.  This is one you won’t want to miss!

Clear Your Throat Chakra

To release you inner fire-breathing dragon… you must speak your truth and honor your energetic boundaries. Is your throat chakra holding you back?

I Have The Courage To Share My Authentic Voice

Only have a few moments? Why not give yourself the gift of consciously creating your day with a sense of peace with this reflection moment.

And… now available… the PDF version of Release Your Inner Dragon.


Loreen & Jerry

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