One of the COOLEST and EASIEST ways that I’ve found (and used with great success) to “reprogram” that mindset software is the use of Afformations*.


Afformations bridge the gap

Nope… not a misspelling!  An affirmation is a statement of something that you would like to be true.  For example “I Am Rich” or “I Am Thin”.  Repeated over and over again the empowering statement then is said to eventually re-program your mind to believe that the statement is true and thereby manifest in your life.

But… have you ever tried it?  Look into the mirror right now and say emphatically “I AM Rich”, “I Am Wealthy”, “I Am a Millionaire”… how do you feel?  Was it TRUE for you?  If not, the words were statements of what you want but, it didn’t align with your current belief structure so your mind sent back to you the vibrations… NO, I Am NOT.

When your subconscious beliefs do not align with your conscious desires you are not able to manifest what you consciously desire.

Afformations – is taking your affirmation and turning it into an empowering question.  I AM Wealthy then becomes “Why am I so wealthy?” or “Why does wealth flow constantly into my life?”

With Afformations think of your mind like you would Google.  When you type in something you are searching for in Google – it is as if you’ve asked Google a question and the software goes to work searching for the answer.

Your mind is the same way… when you ask yourself empowering questions… it goes to work searching for the answers.  Go ahead, try it… ask yourself right now, “Why am I so wealthy?”  What is being returned to you?  Reasons that support your empowering view.  And more reasons that help support a positive and empowering mindset.

In contrast to affirmations, when you ask yourself afformations over and over again (even if they are not yet “true” for you consciously), instead of getting resistance, you will find your energy shifting significantly to support your end desires.

This is a VERY powerful way to harness the power of our subconscious mind to manifest your dreams.

Let’s get you on the road to success right now – why wait?  Take the following inspired action right now, get on the road to wealth, health and happiness.

Take Inspired Action:

  1. Write down 2-3 empowering statements – affirmations (things that you would like to be true).
  2. Now, turn them into afformations – empowering questions.
  3. Ask yourself these 2-3 questions right now.  Ask again.  Tune in… how are you feeling?  Do you feel the energy shifting?  Do you feel more empowered, more positive, more inspired to go after your passions?








* afformations were developed by Noah St. John and I first read of them in his phenomenal book “Secret Code To Success” a must read in my opinion 😉  Enjoy!


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Living by the Ruby Slipper Principles - Click your heels, reveal your infinite power and live inside out. Inspire, expand, illuminate, passion-it-forward. Loreen Muzik, is a Lightworker, Creator and Publisher of Inspirallumination Magazine. She shares her voice to inspire and empower and create the space for others to do the same. I’m so glad that the Universe has brought us together. I believe it is because the Universe always conspires to support us in achieving our dreams. I’ve spent the better part of my life “seeking” my purpose and figuring out how exactly I am meant to prosper by being and doing something that I am passionate about. And found myself… lost between my love of all things spiritual, enlightening & self-growth related and what I thought I “had to do to” to earn a living online. All I wanted to find was someone who would confidently say… * it’s perfect to just be authentically YOU; * you are more than enough to attract prosperity & abundance into your life * you can use the Law of Attraction / energy as your marketing and… * “I’ll share with you HOW I am being that into my experience!” Does that resonate with you? If so, we were definitely meant to connect!

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