Would You like to have an article featured in Inspirallumination Magazine?

Or perhaps be considered for a spot as one of our regulars?

We are different than many publishers in that each of our issues unfolds in Divine order and timing, each is a reflection of our spiritual journey here on Earth which also makes each issue a unique experience and adventure on it’s own. It also means that we don’t have a “set editorial calendar” nor “set guidelines” for contribution other than the energy of the pieces must be in resonance with our energy for the month and must be something that intrigues us to reflect, express and evolve as beings of light. 

We love that you would like to be considered to contribute to that journey! If our approach and style is in resonance with you… we’d love to have you submit a piece for consideration.  It can be something that you’ve previously published or original content. The length of the piece is not nearly as important as the depth of the content for us.


What we are looking for in a contribution is something that ignites the light of our readers:

They’re seeking the real life, the raw, the exposed and transparent guts and details of the spiritual journey.  

  • We want to share the bits and pieces that are the “peek behind the curtain” that exposes the wizard as the man, fallible, uncertain, human.


  • We look to share the joy of the connection that people make, the “ah-ha moments” when they realize they are their own alchemist and can click their heels, return home and share the elixir as their truth.


  • And… to share guidance from the good witches, angels and oracles, deep, profound, thought provoking, intended to guide the heroine in such a way that the heroine solves the mystery and gains the inner strength needed to slay the dragon and complete the journey.


  • We do realize that this type of writing is atypical for the industry and most certainly “outside the norm” but it is also the kind of writing and reading that ignites our light and makes Inspirallumination an energetic experience, not just a magazine or collection of articles.

Feel free to connect if you’d like more information or have any questions.  

If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to read one of our issues you can find our FREE issue “Outwitting The Devil” on the iTunes® Newsstand ( http://inspirallumination.com/apple ), OR, if you do not have an iPad or iPhone to access this version of the magazine, we also have it available in PDF as well here on our website. http://inspirallumination.com/free-issue-time-to-outwit-the-devil 

We do look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much for your interest in joining in this fascinating conversation!

Love & Light,

Loreen & Jerry