Every year I strive to release the best possible version of me. I aspire to inspire others, spiral up the next revolution of my evolution of being and illuminate my light for all to see.

This year… I upgraded my inner hard drive yet again and released the 2.014 version of me.  And along with it… Inspirallumination Magazine.

Inspiration, tools and resources to help you honor your spiritual journey, create a deeper connection with the Universe and light the way for you to prosper in magical ways. A space  where I can passion-it-forward, share my voice and help others to do the same.

The title Inspirallumination was formed by my desire to encompass the experience of 3 words:

  • Inspire – to breathe life into (your passion, purpose & life adventure)
  • Spiral – to evolve & expand your being in accordance with Sacred Geometry (a spiral!) with each revolution of your evolution experiencing life with a new perspective
  • Illumination – to shed light on, become the beacon

Inspirallumination begins with YOU… it begins WITHIN.  With each passing day, week, month and year, we expand our experiences and with that our perception, beliefs and beings.  But, are we doing that consciously or unconsciously?

For many of us, we grow and evolve sometimes without even noticing.  Ever change your mind about something?  Adopt a new perspective?  Do you realize the moment when you made that profound shift?  Or did you just accept your new belief and never again reflect upon it to recognize the beauty of your growth and evolution?

Do you realize that even the smallest of steps are still steps toward your dreams?  And that the steps you take are leading the way for others… whether you realize it or not.  Each of us a beacon for other like-hearted beings.

What you desire also desires you… and it is your purpose and birthright to manifest it ALL.  Beyond that, I would say You owe it to the Universe to BE authentically YOU.  It is the purpose of your human experience.  Your desires, talents, gifts… all uniquely gifted to you so that you could be a part of the greater magnificence that is this Universe.  You are a piece of this incredible puzzle and helping to alter the energies of the Universe with all that you be and do.

You deserve to BE, DO and HAVE all that is authentically you.


If you’re anything like me you’re whispering to yourself right now… Yes, I know that but… HOW?!

Well did you realize that you actually arrive programmed for success?  But, through the course of “life” may have adopted limiting beliefs or as I like to call them, little bugs in your software that may cause your results to go a little wonky.

What is Life Success? The definition is unique to each of us but, for purposes of this article… let’s define it as getting, having and keeping all the things you truly desire. Achieving our dreams (love, happiness, freedom, etc.)

Who doesn’t want success?    I don’t know about you, but I don’t know of a single human being who wakes up in the morning and says to themselves – “yep think I’ll sabotage myself today because I would really hate having all the things I want in life!”

So what is holding us back from our dreams?    Having the belief that we are both capable AND worthy of achieving all that we desire, and the faith to leap when we face the challenges and chaos that arise along the way.

In my Ruby Slipper Principles, I like to call the chaos the tornadoes of life and the challenges are those little flying monkeys.  Some of us chose to ride out the storm and go for Emerald City while others of us are simply cellar seekers, more comfortable hiding for now and seeing what’s left after the storm passes us by.

And your inner drive is pre-programmed for success, it’s the bugs and flying monkeys that cause the software to alter your perceptions and therefore your beliefs.  Turning you into a cellar seeker when your birthright is to click the heels of your Ruby Slippers and achieve all that you desire.

Want to know what your current inner drive has “programmed”?  Look at your results… do you have the success that you desire?  If not, there is only one answer to “why not?”… your software needs reprogramming! It’s time for an upgrade!

Your results are not accidental or occasional. They are the result of your inner drive and the bugs in your software may not be apparent to you.  Because you are pre-programmed to achieve your desires, like new software out of the box, but…  you may not recognize it if when you look around you do not seem to BE, do or have everything that you truly desire. (Silly program doesn’t work… right?)

You see… the Law of Attraction (remember it?  from “The Secret”)  is ALWAYS in action.  You ALWAYS attract exactly what you have programmed your inner drive to attract. Your beliefs, your thoughts, your feelings… all direct your results (or, your lack of results.)

Great news for YOU!  It’s your Inner Drive and YOU can re-program it, and you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t require any special “coding” skills!

On the flipside though… you’ve got to be willing to accept that…YOU are the one accountable for it. Only YOU can reprogram it, only YOU can develop it, only YOU can use it to achieve your desired outcomes!

So… let me ask you… Are you ready for the 2.014 version of YOU? 

I am.  Reprogramming my inner drive is one of the best decisions I make every year… I re-set my system to lead with my passion, trust my intuition, be authentic and transparent and as a result allow infinite prosperity to follow.

Isn’t it time for you to achieve all that you desire in life?  If so then give yourself the gift of an upgrade to your inner drive and release the 2.014 version of YOU!

Start with what’s commonly referred to in the information systems department as the 3-finger solute!

Re-start with Control – Alt – Delete.

Control – control your dreams, your desires, your ideal outcomes.  What are they?  What do you truly desire?  Start ALWAYS with the end in mind and work backwards from there… allowing the Universe to fill in the “how” you will get there using something I like to call the Universal GPS.

As you focus intently on the types of experiences that you would like to be, do and have AND how you feel when your dreams are manifested – you are hitting the CONTROL button.  Remember please that you are an infinite being of light – pre-programmed to achieve all that you desire!

Alt – alter your perceptions to serve you and the achievement of your dreams.  Ever had a bad day? Been in a seemingly “impossible” situation?  How can you reframe that day… that situation, to be the BEST possible situation for you in that moment in your life?

Can you have the faith to KNOW that the universe is delivering exactly the best thing for you to most expediently manifest your desires?  If NOT… time to ALTer your perception!

Delete  – release your limiting beliefs.  Delete those beliefs which do not serve to move you closer to your dreams every single day and replace them with empowering beliefs that support your dreams.

Think “I can’t do that!” = DELETE!  Replace with “I can do that!” “I don’t have to know how… I trust the Universe to guide me.”

Simple but, not always easy… just as with software coding and development… there is a learning curve.  But, once you re-set on your own… you no longer need Information Systems to come in and save the day!  You’ve got this!  You CAN do it.

Won’t you please join me and inspiralluminate to share the 2.014 version of you… your voice is unique & valuable and it’s the answer that many energized spirits have been waiting for.


Press Re-start today and release the 2.014 version of you. 

Take action NOW! (re-set by asking yourself the following):

Control – What are my lifestyle dreams?

Alt – Why CAN I achieve exactly as I desire?

Delete – Any thought that comes up as you read that last question which does NOT support or empower you.



About The Author


Living by the Ruby Slipper Principles - Click your heels, reveal your infinite power and live inside out. Inspire, expand, illuminate, passion-it-forward. Loreen Muzik, is a Lightworker, Creator and Publisher of Inspirallumination Magazine. She shares her voice to inspire and empower and create the space for others to do the same. I’m so glad that the Universe has brought us together. I believe it is because the Universe always conspires to support us in achieving our dreams. I’ve spent the better part of my life “seeking” my purpose and figuring out how exactly I am meant to prosper by being and doing something that I am passionate about. And found myself… lost between my love of all things spiritual, enlightening & self-growth related and what I thought I “had to do to” to earn a living online. All I wanted to find was someone who would confidently say… * it’s perfect to just be authentically YOU; * you are more than enough to attract prosperity & abundance into your life * you can use the Law of Attraction / energy as your marketing and… * “I’ll share with you HOW I am being that into my experience!” Does that resonate with you? If so, we were definitely meant to connect!

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